Thursday, 12 June 2008

Lavender's blue, dilly dilly

Different varieties of lavender

Taking the pictures was going very well


What is THAT?! It's HUGE and buzzy.


  1. Tht last one made me laugh!. I have two lavender plants in my "garden" but they are not in flower yet.

  2. I love lavender!

  3. caledonia took the words out of my mouth!

    great pictures, wow!

  4. I love lavender, the smell takes me straight to summertime.. and is good for dealing with the pain of migraine.. don't know why but I find it instantly relaxing to smell it.


  5. I love walking through the local park when the lavender is in flower - it smells so beautiful..

  6. I love the fiels of lavender! Just watching the pictures I can smell them!

  7. Great pictures! You did the bee justice. I can just smell the Lavender.

  8. Me too love Lavender, but must outburst too: what the heck is that bumble bee-thingy...? I've never seen anything like it over here!

  9. Black body and those blue small wings? *I'm shaking my head*

    I'm heading over to Mark to ask if he knows!

  10. The field of lavenders is beautiful and what kind of bug is that? It does look huge!

  11. The big black bee is a kind of carpenter bee - named because they tunnel into wood to create their nests.

    They are pretty much harmless to humans -and are good pollinators

  12. Hi A,
    Captain thought I might know what your bee was, well I can tell you it's a XYLOCOPA VIOLACEA. It is definately a warm climate bee not yet over here in UK, but I did see one when I was in France last year, it was quite a sight.

  13. Thank you everyone! Lavender is my favourite scent, or one of them Scented roses are magnificent too.
    @Sage, I didn't know about lavender and migraines. I really must try that.
    Special thanks to Alison and Mark for telling me what the bee is. I can rest easy now:) And thank you too Lifecruiser for sending Mark over.
    @YTSL, the lavender is actually in our very small garden. I bought 6 tiny plants and they have flourished, but there are at least 3 different varieties.


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