Monday, 28 July 2008

Beatrix Potter's birthday

By coincidence I was in Gloucester over the weekend, just returning today, Beatrix Potter's birthday.

I particularly wanted to see the cathedral which was signposted down this alley.

As I went along I realised the shop at the archway was called Beatrix Potter shop. I assumed it was a shop selling souvenirs based on the children's book "The Tailor of Gloucester".

because there was the sign hanging outside.

Later on during the weekend I was browsing various bookshops, when I noticed in one this display of Beatrix Potter books.

Although I had the books as a child, and even read them to my own sons when they were little, there were several titles I didn't know at all. I'm pleased to see the original versions because I had heard they had been "modernised". I imagine the owners of the shop will have known about the upcoming birthday but at the time I didn't and thought they were using the Gloucester connection. Considering they were 80 odd miles away, the connection was tenuous.

I looked up The Tailor of Gloucester, having thought it was just a story, and it seems that it's based on a folk tale about a tailor who had to make a suit of clothes for the Mayor of Gloucester. Beatrix Potter became fascinated by the tale and wrote her story based on it.

On investigating the story I find that the shop is not merely a souvenir shop, but also has a museum dedicated to Beatrix Potter, so that was an opportunity I missed. All the same I was delighted to find that today is her birthday, and that at least I had noted the place. And I don't have to do my "Dr Foster went to Gloucester" rhyme again.


  1. Hi A.

    Have chosen you to be one of my recipients for the Arte Y Pico Award. I admire your work, blogging about your travels.


  2. Wow!! I envy you for having gone there ... so special so memorable

  3. Wow! How wonderful to find this quaint little place and the memorable Beatrix Potter books! Oh my! I love the cute characters.

  4. I love Beatrix Potter, she was definatly one of my favourites when I was a child, and still is. My mum still has my collection of her books.

  5. What a wonderful visit that would have been. I did not read much of Beatrix Potter as a little girl, but found it with my daughter. If you have not seen the movie about her life that has Renee Zellwegger in it, I highly recommend it.

  6. Interesting - we saw a corresponding museum in Bowness-on-Windermere two years ago

  7. I was never really read those books as a child but since being adult I love the illustrations..

  8. What a coincidence! I don't know this book but I find it would be very interesting to read it and perhaps to tell it to the pupils! I adore the folk tales!

  9. I too remember Beatrix Potter. The illustrations were so wonderful. You don't see much like those today.


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