Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Kidan, 13, would like to go to school, her dream would be to become a doctor.

She can't go to school, she is engaged to be married. In exchange for cattle.

My instinct has been to favour smaller charities, such as the one I mentioned some days ago, Friends of Tafo. They do admirable work, with much more immediate effect than some of the larger charities. But they can't even begin to address a problem such as child marriage.

There has to be a place for much larger charities who lobby on such issues. There will be no immediate result, and any money donated won't be going directly to the benefit of someone in the developing world. Because of that they may not appear to be efficient, but someone has to take up the cause, and address questions such as child marriage.

The Nike Foundation, which produced the video above through, is dedicated to investing in adolescent girls as a force for change. It funds new approaches and makes girls a priority for institutions. It works to get girls on the international agenda. And they aren't even asking you to buy anything.

The subject of what we as individuals can possibly do to help has been, and is being, considered by my friend Yummy Biscuits [and I can't tell how difficult it is to admit I know anyone called Yummy Biscuits], and has led to some interesting discussion.


  1. Hearing this sort of story, of young girls being forced into marriage at such an early age and how this girl Kidan only strives to get a good education in the hope of making a better life makes me sad and also frustrated at the same time.

    In this modern age that we currently live in, why is it there are people in the world that do not have access to the most basic human needs of food, water, shelter, health and education?

    It's good to hear there are organizations out there that are highlighting this issue and ensuring that people are made aware. Your blog has also reinforced this message, thanks.

  2. really heart warming story thanks!

  3. Thank you for the complement, Miss a. And thank you for saying you are my friend.

    If Yummy is your friend, how terrible it must be to be your enemy. Oh, my! :)

    I'm glad you are talking about charities and helping people, Miss a.

  4. @Marie, agreed, the problem is knowing where to start.
    @Myke, thank you.
    @Yummy, what can I say? Try a little harder please.


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