Sunday, 24 August 2008

I am ungrateful wretch

Last night Solomon of Things I'm Grateful For left me a message to say he had something for me over on his blog. I went over there warily this morning, not knowing what to expect, but look what I found. Isn't that lovely! Thank you Solomon, you've brightened my day :)

This isn't one of those "tag 256 other blogs" memes but all the same, short of mentioning everyone on my blogroll, I feel I'd like to express my thanks to some friends who have supported me one way or another, some for quite a long time, others more recently.

Old timers, if you'll excuse the expression, are:

Elaine, who must I think be my commenter-in-chief, sticking with me through thick and thin, even though I have myself been sadly neglectful in the commenting department.
My Scandinavian friends, Tor, Renny and Captain Lifecruiser. I believe Tor was the first to venture this way, and introduced me to the others. Renny's favourite saying is "Blogging connects people".
Slightly more recently I have got to know Claudie, from the south of France but she blogs in English.

There are a couple of commenters who don't blog themselves as far as I know: Captain Janeway who sends me interesting links, and Anonymous j who likes ferreting around Google and stats as much as I do!

More recently Relax Max has burst over my horizon. Sigh. What can I say? A more outrageous, outspoken, larger than life, trouble maker I cannot imagine, but along with his more civilised alter ego, Yummy Biscuits, he has introduced me to a new world of Anglo-American dispute and many people I would never have met otherwise - look in my blogroll for them because I can't choose just one or two. I suspect if you dig far enough through the layers that make up Relax Max, you may come across a gem. Somewhere. Perhaps. Let me know if you find it.

Finally, thank you to my husband, who, for the three millionth time since we've been married, offered me a cup of coffee first thing this morning. For the three millionth time I explained, patiently, that I prefer tea, I always have done. Just don't talk to me before I've had two cups of tea, and after that I can cope with any eventuality.

And another thank you to the same man for thinking that I might like a change from my normal, carefully chosen, favourite brand of tea and coming home with Twinings Assam???? He doesn't drink tea, so why??? I'd really like some male perspective here (I feel sure it's a man thing) because I can see no rhyme or reason for this sudden departure. But thank you, dear husband, all the same :)


  1. Just think of a man as being a 5 yr old boy and you wont go far wrong. ;)

  2. Thanks for the thanks ;-) j

  3. Sorry, back again
    @ Solomon - True, but they tend to get shirty if you treat them as such!

  4. I'm grateful for many online friends and you are one of them too. :)

  5. thanks A. I am very touched reading your post! I am grateful too for some of your usual readers (and I know them very well) and hope to discover others and open new horizon!!!

  6. Dear one, you so deserve it. Congratulations. Even though we don't "talk" to each other much, I feel privileged to know you.

  7. Wish Elaine had never mentioned å ! Best wishes !

  8. First of all: Congrats, You really deserves this dear blog friend!

    What an honour to be listed among your Scandinavian friends and how heart touching to read your words. Yes: Blogging connecting People and I'm sooooo glad I met you as well!

    I've collected it on my Awards page of course!

  9. No, no, no! This isn't meant to be about me, it's about all you people - I'm thanking you. :) :)
    See, it just confirms what I thought, you really are great. I'm grateful to each and every person I've met through blogging.

  10. Thank you for mentioning me anyway. You are too kind. But I doubt if there is any gem to be found in me. Keep looking though. :)

  11. i think you can be the prince charming for the other with your posting. i like every single post of you. thank you bro :D


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