Saturday, 25 October 2008

Time marches on

We in Europe are falling back this weekend, and though Ireland, the UK and Portugal are different from the rest, they will at least change on the same day.  Those of you in the USA will put your clocks back next weekend I believe.  Only one week of complete confusion across the Atlantic.  Are there any other variations?  The southern hemisphere, do you do things differently? 


  1. I nearly missed it! It's usually the last weekend in October, and I had it firmly in my mind that it would be next weekend. I know, it's not a full weekend, but then I don't have a full brain! Does that count? ;)

  2. It's always confusing for me when time changes. In Egypt we changed it one month ago and this night here. Still I am looking to every clock to be sure I am in the right time ;-)

  3. @Dragonstar, I can do better than that! I can miss it altogether. One holiday a long time ago, when France and England changed on different dates, we took a 2 week holiday in France and totally failed to notice that the clocks changed. We kept wondering why shops etc were so late opening, but the penny never dropped until we arrived back for the ferry.

    @Ana, yes, totally confusing. I keep my computer clock the same as England while I'm in France, so that I send work emails at the right time. Unfortunately it confuses me even more. Not very difficult!

  4. I was glad to be on holiday when the hour changed in the night. It will less difficult to adapt my biorythm!!!

  5. @Claudie, of course, half-term. Lucky you!

  6. yep, turned the clocks back last week, but not every state in the US participates in daylight savings time. that's weird, isn't it?


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