Wednesday, 12 November 2008


There are still so many colours around and it's nearly mid-November.

red leaves

yellow leaves

copper leaves


  1. Autumn is my favourite time of year. A few weeks ago I went away for a weekend road trip to the States and drove through the Smoky Ridge Mountains in Virginia. I had heard that the colours at this time of the year are magnificent there and I was not disappointed.

  2. Love the colors of fall and I miss them dearly as I live in a pine tree zone...
    Beautiful shots!!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog!

  3. Beautiful! I can't quite identify the middle shot, but I think the first may be berberis and the third beech. Love to know if I'm right!

  4. @Robin, I don't think our colours can compete with your side of the Atlantic at all, though this year has by all accounts been exceptional here.

    @Mar, I can understand that you miss the colours, but you must have a beautiful scent.

    @Elaine, thanks :)

    @Dragonstar, spot on. The middle one is a lime tree.

  5. I'm still seeing some lovely trees on the way to work, too.

  6. Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  7. A. I don't know what happened, but Fall everywhere just seems to be more vibrant than I have seen in years. Beautiful pictures.

  8. Autumn is one of the highlights of the year, nature makes up for the long sleep ahead by giving us a rainbow of colours as a promise that she will wake up in Spring..

  9. Nothing is more beautiful naturally than fabulous autumn colours.

  10. loving ...these photo'

  11. There is definitely a lot of colour about still. Amazing really, or is my memory faulty? As you say ettarose, this year has been exceptional, even though we're divided by the Atlantic. The atmospheric conditions must somehow have favoured both the colours and the leaves staying longer on the trees.

    Thanks, I'm glad you all enjoyed the pictures.


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