Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Good vibrations....

.... not to mention a nice warm bum!


  1. That's the first thing I thought of. It must be nice and toasty there.

  2. Not so good when you have two though - my darling cats destroyed our laser printer by each repeatedly marking it as their own personal territory, and are now after doing the same to the scanner. Trouble is the usual method of cat dissuasion - a water spray - is equally harmful to the electronic bumwarmers. Mind you they have some sense as only once have they tried sitting on my laptop. Oldest cat understands the word 'down', whereas youngest understands 'no', come to think of it, ditto the kids...mmm, does the NSPCC have a policy on water spray?
    PS presume you know NSPCC set up after, and modelled on RSPCA - only the English!

  3. Yes, a toasty bum, Contrariwise :)

    Ugh J, he hasn't tried that one but I suppose he doesn't need to mark his territory. He's very fond of the printer scanner, because of the interesting noises the buttons make when trodden on. Yes, I'd heard that about the NSPCC. Dreadful really. I saw the discussion about the donkey sanctuary on Lynne Guist.

  4. What is she listening to? Tom Jones singing 'What's new pussycat?' lovely picture... lovely cat

  5. My younger son and his wife have two cats. Must warm them.

  6. Good, good, good, good vibrations!
    Beautiful photo.

  7. Is that a Siamese cat? :) adorably cute. Oh, nice blog

  8. ;)
    What a great shot and title!!

  9. How cute and creative - whats the cat's fave music then? LoL

    Have a great weekend.

  10. good vibrations and a nice warm bum. Wish I could do that. haha.....

    I was away on an overseas trip. I just returned and it's good to be back to blogging.

    Are you away on a trip?

  11. It's so cute the places cats choose to sit.

    Mabel is forever sitting on the modem and router, nice and warm there..


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