Sunday, 30 November 2008

St Andrew's Day

Wishing my many friends either living in, or originating in, Scotland a happy St Andrew's Day.

Four fascinating flag facts.
  1. The Flag of Scotland, also known as the Saltire or Cross of St Andrew is one of the three constituent crosses of the Union Flag of the United Kingdom.
  2. The Flag of Tenerife is also a white saltire on a blue ground but the blue is darker.
  3. The reverse, a blue saltire on a white background, is used as the ensign for the Russian navy.
  4. The Battle Flag of the Confederacy features a darker blue saltire.


  1. How to confuse flags in one easy lesson! Bet they only look different if you see them side-by-side!

  2. Happy St Andrews day to all my fellow Scots!

  3. Happy St. Andrew's Day. I wish to know more about the history behind this day.

    have a nice day

  4. Happy St. Andrew's Day!

    Actually I did not know this, so thanks for telling and letting me learn something new today :-)

  5. Fascinating.. didn't know 3 three out of the four facts.. only the st andrews cross of scotland...


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