Sunday, 5 April 2009

The focal point

A local small town centre, taken early last summer.  It may be an exaggeration to call it a town.   Note the one size fits all establishment on the left - bar, tobacconist, hotel, restaurant, grocery store, with the added attraction of having the only signpost right outside.

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  1. Lovely little place! (I'm glad I don't have to work the roofs of those buildings.) Thanks for joining in on Small Town Snapshot Sunday!

  2. Lovely little town. I particularly like the Church in the background.

  3. It's a quaint little town. Would love to visit it.

  4. I am admiring the sidewalk cafe. It looks so romantic.

  5. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Paris is our next step after Spain and we are excited!

  6. @Wendy, I hadn't noticed the roofs, I'm so used to them, but yes I can see they are rather steep!

    @Elaine, it's a pretty little church but I've never been inside.

    @ECL, so many of them are similar around here, but this was one that I've always thought attractive.

    @Max, I love romantic settings like this. Sitting in the sun watching the world go by. Better still on a warm summer evening, with a glass of wine and a good friend. :)

    @Michele, I look forward to hearing about it.


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