Sunday, 26 April 2009

The season has started

The season for the local brocante or vide grenier. I find it hard to translate - flea market, car-boot sale without (most of) the cars, a community garage sale.

Everyone has something to sell, though whether anyone wants to buy is another matter.

And if we're very lucky, there is a local band.

Some bands are better than others, but where they may lack professionalism and skill, they always make up for it with plenty of enthusiasm.

Go to Small Town Snapshot Sunday to join in and find more small town shots.


  1. Down here it's mainly September! Without the band - though you've given me an idea - thanks

  2. I don't know whether we're just having a spurt because of Easter, but there have been quite a few around. So, an idea for a band? Intriguing. :)

  3. A I love having a rummage at this type of market, looks interesting.
    BTW have emailed you.

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  5. Mike, thanks, I have replied. I love rummaging about in these places too. I live in hope of finding a treasure. :)

  6. I wish we could get bands at our flea markets. How cool! I don't know about where you are, but where we live EVERYTHING seems to sell no matter how weird or horrible or useless it seems.

    Great slice of small town life this week!

  7. I wonder what I can find at this flea market. It would be a different experience from flea markets in Singapore, China and Australia.

  8. My community needs something like this. It looks like so much fun!

  9. @Wendy, you need to hear the band before you say whether or not it's cool! :) But it's fun.

    @ECL, I'm sure it would be very different from anywhere else. :)

    @mar, it certainly is fun. All, or most, of the communities around here have something of the sort.


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