Saturday, 9 May 2009

PhotoHunt: in memory

Still away this weekend so more pictures from my archives, but I'll soon be back.

In memory.  There are so many ways to look at this theme but I've chosen to look at the contrast between how British and French people mark graves in memory of their loved ones.

It's probably not an entirely fair comparison, because the top picture is of a local community cemetery while the second is a church graveyard.  Nevertheless, the styles of the graves are remarkably different.  I have often thought it might make an interesting project to compare graveyards throughout the world, possibly not appealing to everyone, but it would fascinate me. :)

Join in and find other other players at TNchick's site.


  1. There's a real difference between Britain and Ireland, too. I know many people would consider it a morbid preoccupation, but it's all part of the different cultures and therefore worth study.

  2. So... the top photo is of a French graveyard and the bottom one of an English one? I wonder: is it also a question of Catholic vs Anglican?

  3. Interesting comparison. Not morbid to me at all but in the end even the differences are the same.

  4. What an interesting comparison and a great contribution to the theme!

    Happy Weekend :-)

  5. I had never thought of it but it would be interesting to compare.

  6. A. I too love cemeteries and different kinds of tombstones. Here where I live they are on a lot of private properties. I like doing rubbings of grave stones. I don't think it is morbid at all.

  7. It certainly is a religious divide. The RCs tend to be more elaborate. However Victorian Middle Class (and up) types liked to show their position and wealth by their tombs. Kensal Rise and Brompton in London, and the Grange cemetery in Edinburgh are examples of this.

    There is a 'British' reserve in general however.This is reflected in most graves I would think.

  8. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

  9. We can explore graveyards as well as any other things when we comes to a new place, it's always so interesting to see the difference!

  10. I love cemeteries. We've been to so many on this trip... sometimes I feel bad. Here we are kids! Another cemetery! See how happy mom is to be here!

  11. I ike this post
    (I was not able to, even though I have lot's of memories still to be posted)

  12. Hi A.,

    I've nominated your blog for the "One Lovely Blog" Award. See for details.


  13. @Dragonstar, interesting that there is a difference between English and Irish. It should be possible to compare the different religions there, too.

    @YTSL, the different religions hadn't dawned on me, but it adds a new dimension to my research. I feel the bit between my teeth. :)

    @JC, it is interesting I think.

    @Renny, thank you!

    @Poetic Shutterbug, I hadn't thought of it until I was posting this, which is why I didn't go into it very deeply.

    @ettarose, I think there are laws about having graves on private property in both the UK and France, especially France.

    @Adullamite, I'm just at the start of my research. :) I can see I have a lot of visiting to do.

    @ECL, thanks, though it hasn't happened here yet. However I'll accept the wish happily. :)

    @Lifecruiser, we frequently do just that, too.

    @mmichele, you sound very like our family when our sons were younger. :)

    @Tor, yes I understand perfectly. Thank you.

    @Elizabeth, many thanks!


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