Saturday, 1 August 2009

PhotoHunt: entertainment

Not, perhaps the form of entertainment I was expecting, but this Insect Circus Museum was one of the sideshows at the recent Winchester Hat Fair, a weekend of performing street artists.

This acrobat, able supported by some likely looking lads from the crowd, did more talking than acrobatics but was entertaining nevertheless.

Some entertainment for everyone. A place for elven warriors and fair damsels on a mission.

The dinosaurs, "Saurus" inclined to peck at anyone showing too close an interest.  Do dinosaurs peck?  These ones did.

Why is it the Hat Fair?  Because they pass a hat around after the performance, of course!

If you want to see how other people have treated the subject, visit  TNchick's site, where you can join in and find other players.
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  1. These are fun things to see :)

  2. it must be fun out there. Nice choice of pictures for thi weeks theme.

    Hope u can visit mine, I'm a

  3. An insect circus museum? Ha!

    I played too :)

  4. What interesting entertainment it must have been! And, from what I can gather, a mix of contemporary and traditional! :)

  5. So they are no longer called flea circuses, but insect circuses? Was this to make the other insects feel more comfortable and feel less left-out? Bwahahaha!

    As always, your posts are very insightful.

    Mine is up, too. Have a great weekend!

    Mrs. Mecomber
    New York

  6. That looks like a fun fair. It's years since I was in Winchester

  7. Fascinating take on the entertainment theme. Love those photos.

  8. What interesting entertainment!

    Some dinosaurs peck. Others hunt. A few probably hunt and peck.

  9. Being ever curious (not to mention one who pays attention to small details) I went to the URL painted on the insect circus window thing. Only I typed in "incest circus" by mistake. Oh, my!

    Actually, there was little entertainment to be had there - the domain name is available if you are interested in starting a more unusual blog.

  10. Well, I guess this is why I am at the top of your frequent blogger list. I'm glad you don't require intelligent comments to make the list. :)

  11. How cool. That looks like so much fun.

  12. That sounds like an awesome event :D
    All kinds of curiosities :)

  13. My son would LLOOVVEE the insect museum. And I love your blog. Can I ride around in your purse for a few days?

  14. Thank you all for your comments, and I'm glad you enjoyed the entertainment. I decided not to examine the insect circus any more closely, so I can't give you any more information on that.

    Relax Max, I feel you're cheating on this multiple commenting. You think I should put in an intelligence filter? :) I hunt and peck, don't know about dinosaurs.

    Amber Dawn, you would be most welcome. :)

  15. I really must get to England. Wicked Faerie Grotto? I'm all over it. Although the acrobats er, costume, was a bit unusual.

  16. Janet, if you want costumes, you should have seen the Australian strong woman! Unfortunately the crowd was so close to her I couldn't get a clear shot. Mostly tall men, you understand.


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