Saturday, 3 October 2009

PhotoHunt: words

I love words and plays on words, so I was delighted with this bottle of wine.  Plays on words don't often stand much explanation, but because this is a mixture of French and English, I'll put it after the jump.

There are two plays going on:  first, the words "Chat-en-oeuf" sound very much like Chateauneuf, a very much superior wine;  and second the translation would be "cat in egg".  There is another more visual play with the egg-shaped and coloured.label.

Although it's a wine produced in France, I feel sure it's aimed firmly at the British market.  I love the illustration and the wine itself somehow seems to have disappeared.

PS.  I am away for nearly a week.  I will come and visit when I return, if I don't manage to before then.
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  1. Cool entry, A. -- love the picture and thanks much for the explanation re the word play. :)

  2. Wonderful find for the theme!! love the shots, too :)
    Enjoy your time away.
    My PH

  3. What a terrific post! This is one of my favorites for today. And i got an opportunity to expose my children to some French wordplay. ;)

    My Photo Hunters post is up. I hope you can visit me when you are home again.

  4. Great contribution and play on words!

    Have a great weekend break :-)

  5. I've bought this wine purely because of the name and the label - and it's not the first or last I've bought for that reason, either, though I do like to pick good wines generally. Thankfully, I remember this one being ok.

  6. Great shots and love the play on words.

  7. This is Fantastic - for me as a "francofil" living in Norway and working for a company where English is the "Enterprise Language".

    I simply love language mixings like this.

    Garcon, s'il vous plait le bill


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