Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Things are looking brighter

The sun came out.

The world came out for a walk.

The beach huts were spruced up.

Some more than others.

Taking to the water.

Unlikely ever to take to the water again.

A lazy day on the beach in January.

All the photos enlarge when clicked.


  1. The boat one is great, and none of the rest fail. Good stuff A.

  2. I really liked the picture of the shoreline; a good juxtaposition of land, sky and water converging in the distance. But I REALLY loved the pictures of the gulls. Whoa. You are amazing! Then I saw the beach huts. The gulls paled. I scrolled down even more, and there were the boats!

    You probably think by now that I am having you on; that I simply could not possibly love ALL your photographs, without exception.

    You would be wrong.

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  4. Hi A. --

    Glad to learn that things are looking brighter for you. And hopefully the weather's warmed up some too. :)

  5. Very glad to hear A.!

    Looks wonderful and to me like spring is in the air - but then again, I'm a Norwegian and we still have plenty of snow :-)

  6. Great shots and I love the seagull, very well done. It's storming here so I'm glad you have some sun.

  7. It never ceases to fascinate me how Chines spammers spam in Mandarin and expect folks to understand them!

  8. I was just looking at your cluster map and am astounded at how many readers in China you have!

    If you are interested in a translation of the above Chinese comment, it says,

    "This is my first time to comment to you. How wonderful your blog is! Many of us gather together in the evenings and look at your fine pictures on my computer. We were wondering if we sent you money, if you would..."

    (There it is cut off)

  9. Thank you for enjoying my pictures. I would have assumed the Chinese visitor might have been appreciative too, but within the Chinese characters were a few that approached English: sexydudu was one. Max, that you so much for translating the rest - I dread to think how that fits in with sexydudu. :) :)


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