Saturday, 6 February 2010


This sign appears all over Monaco, on average every 500 metres.  It seems the average age in the principality must be higher than the average elsewhere.  I'm wondering if too many people took up the challenge when they say the average person can walk across Monaco in less than an hour.

On an average day, I see several groups of gulls lined up on the beach.   This particular group was determined to keep the average number of gulls steady at eight.  As one took off, another arrived.

If you'd like to join in and find other other players, pay a visit to TNchick's site where you can find out more.


  1. Let's hope the average person doesn't need that defibrillater!

  2. Great photo choices that are very interesting! :)

    Re the first photo: My first reaction was to think "maybe the French word doesn't mean the same thing as the English word it looks like..." ;b

  3. To think defibrillators would be an average sight. Shiver.

  4. You did a great job with this theme. Happy weekend.

  5. Great choices. I hope I never need to have one used on me. Still it's good to know that a defibrillator is close at hand!

  6. That defibrillator info is very interesting and the gulls are beautiful. Above average take on a tough theme.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Scott at World’s Best Photography Blog

  7. I love the graphic of the little stick man running to the defibrillator station.

  8. I wondered about those signs when I visited Monaco. Or maybe they need them because of the steep hill it is built on.

  9. Love the defibrillator shot, says it all really. I wonder where they are positioned and if the instructions are in different languages.

    Could be a shocking experience if not :-)

  10. Very intelligent solution for this weeks PH challenge.
    Way above average-


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