Saturday, 20 February 2010


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My friend and I, we weave conversations with our words.  The result is irregular fabric to be sure, irregular but beguiling in its disorderliness, its lack of conventional shape.

The threads we use are varied.  Some are gossamer soft, insubstantial but fine and subtly pleasing.  Others are more robust, giving substance, holding patterns, holding the whole together.

Here and there we find yarns that are vibrant and colourful, even zany, others that are soft and warm.
From Flickr

An occasional glitter, a glint of something metallic that could chafe or irritate if not softened by the surrounding fabric.

We weave conversations with our words, my friend and I.  We weave our lives together for a time.

Yarns, a long, continuous, length of interwoven fibres.  Conversations, long continuous lengths of interwoven words.


  1. Absolutely love the imagery here. Very well done.

  2. You said it very poetically I thought. Not just a common yarn.

  3. I have my moments, Max, just occasionally.


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