Saturday, 27 February 2010


Daily, the fishermen go out to see what they can catch. Almost daily.

Daily, mail is collected from letter boxes around the country. Some have been collecting our mail daily for many years: the one on the right from before 1936, the one on the left from before 1901. Almost daily.

Daily the ferries leave Dover to take passengers back and forth across the English Channel.  Several times a day.

Finally something that happens daily, and once daily, without fail.

The rising of the sun....

And its setting.

I'll be crossing the Channel myself this weekend, though not by ferry.  I will visit you all as soon as I can.

If you'd like to join in the PhotoHunt, and find other other players, pay a visit to TNchick's site where you can find out more.

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  1. I like your choices for the theme very much. The last shot is very beautiful. I hope you have a great trip and weekend!

  2. i agree that the last shot is very beautiful though every photo is speaks so much about the country where you are. very nice, A.

  3. beautiful post an dphotos A. love it!

    happy weekend! :)

  4. Happy Channel crossing! And yes, I thought of sunrises and sunsets too -- except that I don't have any pictures of sunrises... being someone who loves my early morning sleep too much! :)

  5. wow those letter boxes take me to a different time and place I enjoyed seeing them Thanks

  6. Ooooo, I like these. You have very scenic days.

  7. Marvelous photos. I greatly enjoying seeing daily life from your side of the "pond." :) Are those mailboxes still in use?

    Have a great weekend.

  8. I like all your photos. Haven't seen a red mailbox, that is very awesome.

    My Daily Kitty

  9. What a delightful sekection of dauly shots. I haven't been near Dover in ages (thanks to Eurostar) But I used to work at the Eastern docks half a lifetime ago!

  10. Oh woman stop taking pictures!
    I feel so inadequate after looking at these I have thrown the camera out the window!
    The boat at sunrise is fabulous! Just like an expensive Victorian painting. Great!

  11. Great shots! Sorry I'm a day late getting to your post, but great take on the theme.

  12. Boat at sunrise gets my vote. But the are all so good, you take this to a higher plane. :)

  13. I'm hoping for snail mail instead of emails. I haven't received cards for a long long time.

  14. Fantastic images, especially the last two and creative post.

  15. Great pics on this blog, especially one with fisherman boat.When I look at this picture like remember how life may be simple and happy.Living is enjoying in life day by day.


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