Saturday, 13 March 2010


There seemed to be plenty of spirals around in my photo archives.  My first thought was for spiral staircases.  I've climbed many of them in my time but when it comes to photos, it's not so easy to show the spiral properly.

This is a picture from inside the steps leading up the north tower in the cathedral at Bourges.   There are 396 steps.  It says the panoramic view from the top is a photographer's delight.  If you have a great head for heights, it may be.

Closer to home there are quite a few examples.

Though in fact these aren't close to home at all, but were over a bridge in Montauban, near Toulouse in the south of France.

The rusty gate, though, really is very close to home.

But my favourite is very much less mundane.

Pillars from the painted interior of the church at Saint Savin sur Gartempe.  The interior of this 11th century church was painted during the 11th and 12th century.  The pillars were intended to look like marble and even the walls were painted to look like bricks.

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  1. Very great shot and my favorite is the last one it's very unique. Happy weekend.

    Sea Shell

  2. Well, now that's interesting-- painted bricks and spirals on classical-looking columns and walls! I love your photo of underneath the staircase.

    My Spiral post is up! I hope you can visit.

  3. That spiral column is awesome! Great pics.

  4. Hi A. --

    Your favorite spiral's very nice but I also like the one over a bridge. :)

  5. I like all of them, but can see why the last is your favorite.

    I played too!

  6. Your spirals are awesome. I particularly like the rusty gate and the column.

  7. Great take on the theme with that first shot. Usually we look down on the stairs. Interesting detailing.

  8. What a great photo for this weeks theme! I'd have to say that the underside of the stairs is my favorite. Mine's up!

    The Misplaced Midwesterner

  9. You have a great set of photos of spirals, each so unique! I really like the one under the stairs and of the rusty gate! Great job.

  10. I hope you are not spiraling out of control again.

  11. These are wonderful! I love the painted brick. I may need to copy that somewhere. Because I need another project . . .

  12. Very well done. I really like the first one and the rusty gate. They both have alot of character.

  13. Never thought that much about spiral staircses

  14. Are you posting somewhere else? Will many posts show up at once? Are you waiting for the next photo hunt to post again? You have a certain obligation to your followers. Not to be stroppy.

  15. Please don't misunderstand me: I admire a blogger who has the discipline not to post until she actually has something to say. But since you have made frequent exceptions in the past, I was hoping you might again.


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