Saturday, 3 April 2010


There is almost nothing sweet in my house.  We do keep sugar for visitors in this old sugar container that must be 50+ years old.  It used to belong to my mother, one of a set of three.

But as you can see, we do offer an alternative form of sweetness.  And that is it, that is the sum total of sweet things at home, and it made me think I'd struggle for photos.  Not so.  I hadn't realised just how much time I seem to spend with my nose glued to the windows of shops selling sweet things.  The following shots are just the tip of a sweet iceberg.

A tea, sweet and ice cream shop

A cake shop

More sweets, marzipan

I seem to have, unconsciously, a sweet tooth.

Sorry for the late posting.  Blogger has been refusing to upload my photos - again!

If you'd like to join in the PhotoHunt, demonstrate alternative interpretations of sweet, and find other other players, pay a visit to TNchick's site where you can find out more.


  1. LOve your mom's sugar canister...
    great pics
    mine's up, too

  2. Hi A --

    Interesting that there's so little sweet stuff in your home. You never get tempted to bring such as the marzipan you photographed home? ;b

  3. @Sandy, thanks! I've been hanging on to that canister for a long time.

    @YTSL, Yes, tempted frequently. :) I was looking for a picture of the one time I did give in to temptation when I found all these others.

  4. I love that first photo! What a wonderful canister. I used to have such a sweet tooth as a kid. Now, I am not so keen. However, I do like sugar in my coffee.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  5. aloha,

    what a sweet interpretation of our photohunt challenge today for sweet. i really enjoyed seeing your post and then all the sweet places you see but don't visit...too tempting for me!

    have a nice easter!

  6. Plenty of delicious treats but my favourite is definitely that sugar tine. I love it! Have a great weekend

  7. Mine's up. Sweet, this post.

  8. keeping that sugar canister is a sweet thing to do!

    my god, these are sinful places to go. :).i love these shops. just taking a slice with coffee to go along with an equally sweet-toothed friend would make my day. :)

    Happy Easter!

  9. I rarely buy sugar, don't use it at all myself, not even sweeteners.

    Just have to keep some of both for others.

  10. I love sugar, and keep it in various forms---In fact I only drink coffee because it's frowned on to gulp sugar cubes.

  11. Love the retro sugar container. I'd have my nose glued to that cake window too. I'm not a big cake fan yet those look sooo good!

  12. Surely just a photo of yourself would have done for sweet things.........?

  13. Those old sugar containers are so wonderful. All those sweets just have my mouth watering :)

  14. Thank you, all of you sweet people, for your sweet comments. One or two of you don't seem to be taking things as seriously as you might. :)

  15. Funny I should come here now. We're not having any sweets in our home any longer either! Trying to stay away from all things that contains sugar and that is no easy task nowadays when every product is added with sugar! But like you, I like to take photos of them in shops...

    BTW: I've sent you an email :-)


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