Saturday, 1 May 2010


This morning I was very much focused on the black clouds above me, but I've just realised that Prague offers a good selection of opportunities.  It's often called the city of 100 spires and most of them are black.

There is even a tower called the Black Tower.

Not very black, I know, but that's its name.  Built in 1135, it's the oldest building in Prague. It wasn't until the big castle fire in the 16th century that it became known as the Black Tower but the name seems to have stuck.

I was intrigued to spot a black chandelier for sale in one of the shops selling Bohemian crystal.

It seems almost a contradiction in styles - black glass tells me modern, but the style of the chandelier is very traditional.  Besides, I don't think you'd get too many of them to the pound, judging by the price tag.

However, returning to the spires, they are everywhere you look, even among the modern chimney pots and satellite dishes.

But the most well known black spires are those on St Vitus Cathedral.

Because of where it is, inside the castle complex, it's really quite hard to get a close view of the cathedral.

But at a distance it's almost always there on the horizon.

To return briefly to the black clouds, they eventually disappeared but not before soaking me thoroughly.   There comes a time in the procedure of being soaked when you realise it's just not worth trying to stay dry any longer.  You may just as well walk right through the puddles and hope to dry off later.  It was that bad.

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  1. Wow! I have never been to Prague. I will have to rectify that. Great take on the theme. btw the crab spider is one 1cm across when its front legs are extended in ambush stance so it's a litl'un!

  2. oh, i was banking on those clouds my side of the globe but it poured lightly. :(

    i love cathedrals, they are beautiful!

    thanks for the visit A. :)

  3. Hi, A., on holiday and still Photo Hunting? Wow, you're dedicated! :)

    Interesting photos -- Prague sounds great. Re the Black Tower: why is it called so? Did it get blackened during that fire (and then get cleaned up)?

  4. The spires are all so beautiful. I've never been to Prague but would love to visit there one day. The chandelier is also interesting. I agree that the styles seem to be a mixture and I like the black with the more classic part of the chandelier.

  5. Very nice take on this theme. Love the black glass chandelier, it's almost a contradiction - old versus new, very cool.

  6. Wonderful shots for the theme. There is a Black Needle in a ski resort I have been to but couldn't find a decent picture in my files. Love your collection!!

  7. They say "better late than never". I was going through the blogs that I follow and came across your PhotoHunt photos for black. We visited Prague about 20 years ago and our 10 year old daughter couldn't breath the BLACK air. We planned to stay about three days, but we had to leave after one. We were disappointed. I'd love to go back some day. Great city and great pics.


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