Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The start of the season

The Great British summer season kicked off with a large outdoor flea market or car boot sale in traditional Great British summer weather.

The stall holders gave up trying to protect their goods from the rain.  There were many soggy bargains to be had.

A couple of days later the first concert at the bandstand.  At least the rain held off but even the band members were wearing gloves.  The two ice cream vans fought over the solitary customer, but he fed his ice cream to his dogs.

This is supposed to be May!  They say things will be better by the weekend....


  1. I like "soggy bargains" that's cute.

  2. I know there's a saying about April showers bringing May flowers but it seems to me that summer is the most rainy of England's seasons -- e.g., doesn't it always seem to rain during Wimbledon or the Chelsea Flower Show? ;b

  3. Here as well in Norway: It should have supposed to be May.
    But, I don't think this comment will be of any comfort when I say we have had Snow and Frost.

    X our fingers and hope for a Warm Summer. We need it.

    Excellent photos you have here posted;)

  4. I hope you have a better weather now! It is very windy those days here! Mistral!

  5. I love browsing through car boot sales, we picked up a glass tv table, to buy new would have been over 100 pounds, instead we got it for 35 and it looks lovely in the new house. Shame about the rain, though they are now forecasting we will have a hot summer.. hmmm watch this space methinks.. lol

  6. These things are great, you never know what you might find! Apparently it's summer in Ireland too but you wouldn't know it.


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