Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Coming soon - Pisa

The Arno river in Pisa

I've recently been visiting Pisa, sadly missing today's festival, the Luminaria.  At sunset, all the lights along the river, the Arno, are dimmed and the thousands of candles which have been attached to the buildings lining the river are lit.

In spite of missing what sounds like a spectacular event, I enjoyed the visit immensely and will be posting about it as soon as I have time to persuade myself that my blog is looking sensible again.


  1. So that's where you've been, A.! Wow -- and looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of nice photos and posts on Pisa! :)

  2. Yes, YTSL, I've gone walkabout again. :) I should be back in action before long.

  3. The Arno. Makes me think of the California governor for some reason. Very nice pic.

  4. Oh what a fantastic vacation and a beautiful shot. Candles lit on the building must be a gorgeous sight.


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