Saturday, 26 June 2010


I struggled to find anything purple this week.  I was surprised.  You'd think some of the palaces and châteaux would have yielded a little purple but either it wasn't there or I avoided it.  Looking through my archives has become unwieldy, now that I have so many photos, but then I discovered a clever tool in Picasa - you can search on a colour!  How clever!

I would have to argue with some of Picasa's choices, (I really have no idea why a picture of my face should be included!), but on the whole they've set me off in the direction of flowers.  Not especially exciting, but by now I was ready to accept anything.  Then I started to wonder where purple starts and red or blue ends.....

Multi-coloured aubretia

So many different shades, some of which could be called purple.

Lavender in the sun

In fact Picasa didn't label this as purple but I like the way the sun was shining only on the taller flowers and left the rest in the shade. "Lavender's blue dilly, dilly" but it looks purple to me.


A lilac flower. Is lilac purple? Picasa thinks so.

A cardoon or artichoke thistle

Another of Picasa's choices that I might have left out, but beggars can't be choosers.

Aquilegia, columbine, or granny's bonnets

Finally agreement. This definitely is a purple, I'm sure of it.

If you'd like to join in the PhotoHunt and discover how colour blind I am compared with other players, pay a visit to TNchick's site where you can find out more. 

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  1. The picture of the lavender makes me feel like I'm standing in a breezy meadow.

    Mine is here.

  2. Wasn't purple considered a royal color by some people? Guess that's not the case with the French or English!

  3. @Alice, more like our breezy garden. :)

    @YTSL, that's what I thought, but I couldn't find any amongst my pictures.

  4. All lovely and perfect for purple.

  5. beautiful blooms and great choices for the theme.

  6. Those blossoms are pretty!! Happy Saturday!

    Purple blossom

  7. Many thanks to you all!

  8. I think those are beautiful shades of purple!

  9. That's a Picasa feature I didn't know of!
    And what wonderful purple choices, beautiful!!!

  10. beautiful purple all! the lavender seems to be dancing in the wind. love it.

    thanks for the visit. :)

  11. Such beautiful shades of purple in each. The thistle and columbine are favorites of mine. Great captures.

  12. Thanks, all! Mar, there are all sorts of odd functions hidden in Picasa tools, especially under Experimental. I enjoying playing there. :)

  13. THat is siucha a glorious selection of purple flowers I love them!

  14. all such lovely captures!
    and thank you for the bit about picasa..

  15. Those flowers are lovely! It's miserably hot where we are and everything is dying. Glad it's going better where you are!


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