Saturday, 10 July 2010


I was intending to have a free week this time but as I was walking along the sea front into town it occurred to me that there are so many things we take for granted, purely because they are free.

This pub in particular always has a superb display of hanging baskets and window boxes, but many houses along the way do the same. A free flower show.

A little further along you can have a free time check, and even a free history lesson.  Originally the ball on top of the tower would rise half way up the pole five minutes before 1:00pm.  At precisely 1:00 it dropped so that ships off shore would have accurate time. Nowadays it drops every hour for the entertainment of visitors. 

The Time Ball Tower was once a semaphore tower to relay messages along the coast in the effort to suppress smuggling activities.  Before that it was a telegraph tower used to realy messages between the Admiralty in London, and Deal. 

Walking along the beach I came across what must be an example of free text messaging.

Further up the beach at this time of year many of the plants that colonise the beach are thriving and coming into flower.  The seakale above is one of the first plants to colonise shingle beaches.  It is edible but you aren't allowed take it from the beaches.  Several of the plants on the beach are quite rare.  A free botany lesson.

Finally, the beach provides its own free flower show, again with species that are specific to this type of area.

If you'd like to join in the PhotoHunt and discover how other players interpret "Free", pay a visit to TNchick's site where you can find out more. 
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  1. That Time Ball Tower reminds me of the retired naval officer and his time announcements in "Mary Poppins"! At least that's what I seem to it has been years (decades even!) since I watched that movie! ;b

  2. Love your photos and with what you say about free is right! Happy weekend!

  3. beautiful. I especially love the "text" message! A great FREE

  4. As you say the best things in life are free, and here are some great examples. I agree with Miles I love the free text message (especially having teens at home!!)

  5. Lovely photographs and a good time to remind us of all the free things there are out there to enjoy.

    I just got soaking wet in a free shower :-)

  6. Wonderful take on the theme and pictures. Love the free texting, so cute!!

  7. YES! The BEST things in life ARE free!!!! Thank you for your great photos and the wonderful reminder!!! SOmetimes when we want "more" we forget to be thankful for all we are blessed to have!!!!

    Happy Weekend!

    Find my entry here:

  8. Odd that you would automatically interpret the word "free" to simply mean "at no cost". But probably that was the Photohunt requirement. (I guess I have been an American for just too long. :)

    Well, today marks the anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of Britain, so you will soon remember the other definition of "free". :) I loved this post!

  9. You are so right, the best things in life are free, that is so true. I adore those hanging flower baskets, they are so quaint and charming and display life and color on the streets. Great shots.


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