Saturday, 28 August 2010


I was almost spoilt for choice today because I look out for views that are framed in some way. Of the ones I've chosen from an assortment of places, some are framed by arches, but two provided their own frames.

The keep of Dover Castle framed by an entrance archway.

A balcony on a building in Prague, framed by statues and balcony structures.  I don't believe the one above is really a balcony, just put there to finish the frame.

A water feature at Walmer Castle, framed by an arch.  This is the garden presented to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, in 1997 to celebrate her 95th birthday.

In Prague again,a doorway framed by art nouveau decorative features.  There are so many beautiful buildings in Prague.

Finally a river view taken from underneath a bridge, one late afternoon in December.

Now pay a visit to TNchick's site where you can find more interpretations of "framed".
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  1. Woah, you definitely were spoilt for choice. Thanks for sharing all the photos you put up. They're lovely. :)

  2. gorgeous frame choices you made for today! Perfect!

  3. Beautiful frame work. Can't get that here in my area. Thanks for sharing!
    Photo Hunt-Framed

  4. I love to try and take picture through doors and arches. I've always thought it was very artistic, even mysterious, technique, and you've proved it. :)

    I too like the bridge best, I think.

  5. All of them are so beautiful!

  6. I'm glad there are no limits to how many photos to share. I know I would definitely have a difficult time if I had to choose any from yours. But, I admit I'm partial to the statues and balconies framing the window. All great shots!
    Su-sieee! Mac
    This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

  7. Great framing shots. While I hated actually living in Dover (lived there in 85-86 while I worked on Immigration control at the Eastern Docks) there are plenty of great places in easy striking distance.. as you show. Have a great weekend

  8. love your choices...all beautiful!

    happy weekend! :)

  9. A, I love the architectural details and landscaping scenes that you illustrated here.


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