Saturday, 14 August 2010


Better late than never, as the saying goes.  I had the pictures already picked out when I discovered that for some reason all line spacing has gone, but here they are, without much description.
I didn't find it especially easy to find suitable photos and in fact each of these comes from the autumn, even into winter.
Warning sign - harvesting grapes
Leaves in October
Leaves in November
Oranges in December
This last one is a photo I took at a Christmas Fair.  The dried oranges had cinnamon sticks, slices of apple and, I think, some form of red pepper in between, all making a sweet smelling decoration.  Perhaps you could call it a modern form of pomander.
Sorry this post looks such a mess.  Blame Blogger.  I've asked in the Help Forum but there's been no response.


  1. I'm glad you kept them saved for this day. The last one is fascinating... it looks compelling, and smells even better...

  2. Great shots and I especially like the leaves in November - hauntingly beautiful.

  3. Hi A. --

    Interesting that the chrysanthemums in your photo are orange -- as I think of them as yellow flowers (that make yummy tea)! :b

  4. If your name is Orange' would your family be your 'Pith & Kin' perhaps?

  5. @Shakespeare, thank you. :) That last *thing* wasn't the most attractive looking *thing* in the world but I can't deny the smell was good.

    @Shutterbug, the second set of leaves were an accident - I was aiming for the moon. :)

    @YTSL, really?! Tea? They seem to smell quite astringent to me, if things can smell astringent. I must investigate that one further.

    @Adullamite, Pith and Skin, I think. :)


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