Saturday, 4 September 2010


The hot news is that my camera has broken.  It feels as though my right arm has been taken away.  I use it almost like a diary and reach for it to record all sorts of things that are never shown here or anywhere else.

As a result, you will be seeing pictures from archives today and the foreseeable future.   Fortunately there are ridiculously large numbers of them.  So, for today, one from eight months ago and another from this time last year, both taken in France.

It was about 25 Centigrade (77 F) that day. Not so very hot, you might say, but it was 26 December in France and just a few days before we had been ploughing down through the snowed up autoroutes.  You can see the sun wasn't very high in the sky in spite of being midday.

I'm fairly sure I posted this picture not long after I took it, but the hot and fiery sunset just asks to be shown again.

Now pay a visit to TNchick's site where you can find more interpretations of  "hot".


  1. So sorry about the camera! You must feel pretty lost. I know I feel about the same when my computer is being used by someone else. It always leaves me kind of messed up.

    Hope it gets fixed soon! In the meantime, the two pics above are beautiful--the second one especially (sunsets make me weak in the knees).

  2. That is not great news... hot but not great!

  3. Sorry to hear about your camera. Hope you get it fixed -- or replaced -- soon! (And FWIW, lots of my Photo Hunt pictures come from my photo archives!)

  4. Both photos are gorgeous. I'm sorry to hear about your camera.

    Liz @ MLC

  5. @Shakespeare, I would be lost without the computer too, I think. Yes, probably a close run thing between the two.

    @Sandi, no, not great. :)

    @YTSL, it will have to be fixing - expensive but less so than new.

    @Liz, thanks!

  6. I broke my best camera and am stuck with my old one, but I'm so relieved that I HAVE an old one. So I feel for you.

  7. Yegods that is hot for Christmas! Great shots for camera is up and about soon

  8. what a beautiful sunset, looks hot and on fire!

  9. sorry to read about your camera. i feel the same way too. but hey, what photos you have here! they're beautiful!

    happy weekend! :)

  10. Thanks for visiting,

    It is still cold here, though it is spring, some parts of New Zealand had snow.

    I too need my camera, and sometimes I get angry with myself not forgetting or running out of battery,

  11. Surely your man ought to have bought a replacement by now. Give him a slap!

  12. great opportunity to air you old pics!!

  13. I'm sorry to hear about your camera. I hope you can either fix it or get another one soon. Both of these are good choices for hot - I like the sunset with the 'hot' colors.

  14. I feel for you. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to my camera. In any case I love that first shot. Great composition and striking color.

  15. I hope you will soon tell us about how much you like your new camera. :) I know you have gotten used to this camera, but you can't say you haven't received your money's worth - you've taken maybe a hundred thousand pictures with it and all of them are better than any of mine.

  16. 25C on Dec 26 - that's not usual in France;-)

    Have you bought a new Camera?
    (Our old Minolta is as well broken - only a tiny contact connecting the battery to the Camera, but this sparepart is no longer availeable - it's not a digital Camera -but has all other high qualities)

    Have a great weekend


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