Tuesday, 9 November 2010

It's raining leaves

It's that time of year again when our neighbour's tree  torments us.

The leaves are very small and light and get everywhere.  I suppose technically, they should be called leaflets because the leaf itself is a compound leaf. They fill the gutters, not only on the roof but the road too.

They land on every available surface

This year we haven't been blessed with many of the giant seed pods.  I think it exhausted itself after last year's efforts.  Nevertheless there are pods and they are sprouting.  These are probably from last year.

They've fallen on stony ground.  I really hope they know what that means.

I looked up some facts about this tree after various people left me comments to help me identify it.  According to Wikipedia, it's Gleditsia triacanthos or Honey Locust native to eastern North America.  Ha!  So Christopher Columbus is to blame!  It can reach heights of up to 30m (almost 100ft) but I think it's reached that already.

My spirits lifted when I read that it's relatively short-lived, especially given that it's fully grown.  However they were dashed again when I saw that short-lived for a tree means 150 years.  I can't wait that long!
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  1. Lots of unusual trees in North America. I've seen those pods.

  2. I know those leaves can be a big pain, but what beauty fall brings! I hope you are well dear friend.

  3. There are so many different trees and for me I find it so beautiful to visit gardens and parks and find a virtual carpet of fall leaves. Your shots are wonderful

  4. 150 years - well that's some generations of human beeing.
    Ponder how humans will communicate in 150 years from no, and the leafes from the trees have been transformed to soil...

    Have a great week

  5. @Max, do you know, and it does surprise me, my post about those pods have gathered a larger number of hits on this blog than any other post. Who would have guessed?

    @Susan! So good to see you! You're right of course, the season is wonderfully beautiful.

    @Joanne, I love it too. And thanks.:)

    @Tor, 150 years, I wonder what life will be like then. I do hope the soil is much improved.


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