Monday, 7 February 2011

100 ways to use a newspaper

In an effort  to get my thought processes working again, I read that it's helpful to do some 5 minute exercises, one of these being to make a list of 100 ways to use a newspaper.  It sounds like something to get your creative hemisphere working, your creative side.  Well, here goes:

making fire lighters
cat litter
paper chase
papier maché
lining shoes
sitting on damp grass
sitting on cold stone
taking notes in margins
cleaning windows
origami practice
scrunching into balls for dog to chase
covering window when redecorating
covering table as tablecloth
covering floor when redecorating
mopping up liquid
doing crossword
playing word games
filling in all the letter Os
cutting up for collage
cutting out letters for anonymous mail
making a paper boat/hat

At this point my attention wandered....

So I made a paper hat.  Or boat.  Does that then count as two entries?   You could cheat, couldn't you? Make a paper hat, make a paper boat...

bedding for a dog
bedding for a cat
bedding for a guinea pig
bedding for a hamster, and so on....

Or is that not really cheating?  But it must be, because otherwise you could list every possible origami object and soon get to 100.  So back to the task in hand.  I suspect five minutes isn't going to do it....

make them into brickettes for fuel
bind them together to build walls
roll them to make pea-shooters
fold strips to make candle lighters

I suspect I'm altogether far too prosaic and should be thinking much further out of the box.

use as fabric for a dress
tear into strips and knit with it
hold above your head to shelter from rain
use as a fan

I can't believe I'm still only one third of the way through.  Keep on going.... It had better be doing me some good.


  1. Roll into a ball, tie with rubber bands and play football?

  2. How about :

    Putting under carpets to act as insulation, well we did in the 1970s anyway... found it when I had a carpet replaced after Dad died.


  3. @Adullamite, well, what can I say? I suppose so, but only if I can have a netball, hockey ball and rounders too, while I'm at it. Then we'll have all the Americans arriving with base balls, and oh, rugby balls.

    @Sage, of course, I'd forgotten that one. Before the days of underlay. I could also store them in the loft for future generations.

  4. what a fun way to exercise one's creativity. i am not sure if i can come up with a third. you seem to be good at it.


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