Saturday, 26 November 2011

St Martin's graveyard

The graveyard of St Martin's church is on a hillside so quite a few of the graves have tilted over the years.  The church is the oldest church in continuous use in the English speaking world, dating back to Roman times.  As a result, I suppose, the graveyard is one of the most populated I have ever seen.  These ones were on a fairly steep slope and under trees.

The Weekend in Black and White


  1. Cemeteries are definitely meant to be shot in black and white. This one is sososo old. I am surprised the stones are still upright. It is a treasure filled with lots of stories and history. Nice shot. genie

  2. I agree that graveyard pics should be in black and white. This one is good.

    Graveyards can be eerie, and more than eerie was the "coincidence" of your April, 2008 "number 13" post appearing in the 'other post' suggestions below this one. oooooooEEEEEEEooooooo.

  3. It looks a quiet and peaceful place.

  4. This is lovely - I do have a fondness for churchyards, especially really ancient ones.


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