Saturday, 7 January 2012

Branches of trees

My second Photo Hunt post for this week because I failed to find a way to tie the themes together.

I love trees in the winter when you can see the shape of their branches clearly against the sky, especially beautiful at sunset..

Covered in snow they look beautiful too though - fairly fortunately for me - I haven't seen any like this at all this winter.

Sadly we've seen a lot of branches where they shouldn't be, in the river which has burst its banks and stayed high for the last month or so.  Maybe the snow is preferable.


  1. Hi A. --

    Was there more flooding in 2010 than usual in your neck of the (French) woods?

  2. I love tree branches in winter too. Your collection is so nice. I haven't seen snow yet either! Happy weekend.

  3. They are all beautiful in their variety ! Couldn't say which one I prefer !

  4. First pic is fab! Very good indeed.

  5. When the trees are leafless it is like getting the opportunity to see the inner beauty of the tree! Delightful photos!

  6. I also like trees in the winter. Snow on mine this morning.

  7. @YTSL, no excessive flooding, but it was persistent. Normally when the river breaks its banks, it retreats within a day or so. It's been going on for a month now at a moderately high level.

    @Annie, thank you!

    @Gattina, and thank you too. :)

    @Adullamite, I like that one myself, I confess.

    @Max, I hope the snow didn't last. I've seen none whatsoever this year.


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