Wednesday, 4 January 2012

It was a bright and sunny morning ...

... one day last week.  An unusual event this winter, so to celebrate I decided a visit to Chauvigny was a good idea.  The old part of Chauvigny was a medieval town which grew up on a high rocky outcrop overlooking the river Vienne.  Uniquely, it had five different fortresses within the ramparts, along with an imposing church.  The idea was to visit it and return via Saint Savin.  By the the half way point, it was fairly clear that there was no bright and sunny morning in Chauvigny.

The top of the imposing church was lost in the mists.

As was the Château de Gouzon.  Everywhere was deserted, probably because it was bitterly cold.

The Château baronial, they helpfully said on a nearby noticeboard, the least well preserved of the five fortresses. Preservation isn't a word I'd associate with this "château", at all.

I had a look at the much vaunted panorama over the town and river (I think the river was there).

I sat down to have a think but I was stone cold by this time and decided to go home, not stopping in Saint Savin for any length of time because it turned out to be shut.  I'll return on a sunny day.
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  1. Loving these pictures! Cold for you, but atmospheric for us :)

  2. You do look blue at the end there. The pics came out well mind! The mist enhanced them.

  3. I agree with Adullamite about the mist making the pictures just lovely.

  4. @Alison, hello! Yes, the atmosphere isn't so noticeable when you're shivering. :)

    @Adullamite, maybe if I'd worn my socks...

    @Max, I'm glad you liked them. I'd prefer something brighter all the same.

  5. Oh my goodness re the non-panorama! Great to see that you kept your sense of humor even though the day didn't turn out quite the way that you thought it was going to! :)


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