Saturday, 10 March 2012

Symbols of power

Medieval castles, five of them in this small town of Chauvigny, all symbols of power of a bygone age.

Chauvigny is situated on a high promontory over the River Vienne, the only medieval settlement of its kind in Europe, so the promotional literature says.  The five fortresses are grouped inside a single outer wall and overlooked by the belfry of St Peter's Church.

Left to right in the view above: Château Baronial, Château d'Harcourt, St Peter's Church, Château de Gouzon, The other two fortresses, Flins and Montléon don't show on this picture.  The tower of Flins is now a private residence while Montléon has all but disappeared by being incorporated into more recent buildings.

But as with many symbols of power, they have crumbled over time.

Taken over gradually by vegetation ...

 ... and other wildlife.

A two-in-one post for the Photo Hunts. 


  1. Hi A. --

    Your photos of ruined French fortresses remind me of the castles and fortresses I saw when I visited Germany in 2010 -- particularly Heidelberg and other parts of the Neckar Valley. The look romantic as ruins, I have to say!

  2. Interesting second pic. Some interesting features were there once. A chapel on second floor perhaps. Once some nice features on the pillars on the next pic also.

  3. Very nice combination of both memes !

  4. hello, A!

    this is amazing. ruins may make one feel sad but i am always in awe seeing them even in pictures.

  5. They are still beautiful and majestic!
    We'll see you next weekend at The Saturday PhotoHunt ~ where we are going to PLAY.

  6. From my part of the world, I can only read about the castles and watch them on TV documentaries or movies. I certainly hope to visit one..... one day. :)

  7. I really like these pictures. It takes more imagination than I have, though, to envision a chapel. I only can make out a small dining area and the gift shop.

  8. In truth, the dining area MAY have been a second bedroom instead, now that I study it in more detail. That would also explain the pillars.


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