Sunday, 17 June 2012

I need to learn Spanish

To set the scene, I was visiting the very pleasant town of San Sebastian just over the border from France on the Atlantic coast.  It has some lovely buildings, a great beach and some fantastic food shops and markets.

I was vaguely concerned when I went because I don't know more than a few very basic phrases of Spanish.  I have been able to understand enough Dutch to get by, based on similarities with the basic German I know, so I was hoping to get by on the similarities with French.

For the most part that worked.  I was able to cope, anyway. 

I couldn't resist going into some of the beautiful food markets and shops (for photo opportunities) and on the last day I bought a few "necessities" for going home. You know, biscuits and sweets and things, but also milk.

I know the word for milk - "leche".  "Cafe con leche, por favor".  So I picked up a bottle of milk and duly transported it home.  I used it in my tea when I arrived back.  It was unusual but I thought I must have picked up full cream milk.  Never mind, it tasted good.  Muy bueno.

I finished the bottle today and looked more closely at it.  I thought I could see goats but it didn't taste like goat's milk.  Not that I've ever tasted goat's milk because everyone tells me it's revolting.

I thought I should run a few of the phrases through Google translate. It was sheep's milk.  Ewwww.  Or should I say "ewe".

Ewe know, I will make sure I learn Spanish before my next visit.  Hasta luego.
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  1. Mongols drink horse milk. Or is that mare's milk? My English is a bit weak. I'm American.

  2. Oh Snap! My 17 yr old daughter arrived in San Sebastian ...yesterday/today on a two week language immersion program. She is staying with a local host family and attending class each morning, activities planned for the afternoon. This is her first trip to Europe, and she is already head over heels in love with Spain. I hope you do post more photos of your trip.


    1. That will be a wonderful trip! She'll come back with a lisp of course. :)

      I do intend to post some more photos (and not all of shops) but my good intentions often go astray...

  3. Sun shining all around and you photograph a shop? Are you female?
    Goats cheese is very good, goats milk is indeed revolting!

  4. I wonder how an American would deal with Spanish spellings?

    1. One who lives in New Mexico?

    2. They just pronounce it all wrong.

    3. Just because you steal their country English style doesn't mean you speak their language Gringo.

    4. Now, NOW, boys! No bickering! It always ends in tears.


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