Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Elderly tractor

An elderly tractor outside an elderly looking farm

...with an elderly letter box.

Even the stables looked elderly though the horses themselves were anything but.  Strange place.  Maybe the far side of it was magnificent.


  1. Arr!

    Git orf of moi laaaaand!!!

    1. Arr, Jim laaad!

      Is that not pirate talk rather than farm talk?

  2. I worked with a lad who started on the farms in the late '40's. At that time there were 32 men in the farm, today there are two, the manager and his man. A third comes at harvest with the combine! Few make money, all live on handouts. That tractor, and Soub may know best, looks like the original type from the '40's.

  3. However I am convinced the skilled photographer was born a great many years after the '40's, and long after farms were reduced to two men operation.


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