Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The remains of Oboe

The remains of a top secret WWII radar and radio station in a nearby woods.   There are several of these concrete blocks in the woods and other bits and pieces which you walk past on the way through but if you ask most people they say vaguely that it must be something to do with the war.

Finally I found someone who knew, though not in detail.  During the Second World War the whole area had been sealed off and a radar bas complete with barracks was built.  I believe the barracks were underground and that the stairways are still there.

The Oboe system guided bombers to their targets by beacons.  There would be two stations, one the "cat" and the other the "mouse".  If you want to read the technical details, do so HERE, but what interested me was the reason for calling the system Oboe.  Apparently when the bombers were flying off course they heard a series of dots and dashes, but when they were on course they heard a continuous sound rather like an oboe.

A house nearby was pointed out to me as having been the possible base for a spy during these years.  People had seen lights in the bedroom windows which looked out over the Channel.  There could be no other reason than spying for having a light on in a bedroom window, of course.  I didn't take a photo of the house because I feel sure the spies have by now moved on.
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  1. Brilliant history, right under your nose. Spies often leave lights in the window in spite of the ARP men. Rumour is great. I suspect there may well be an underground room somewhere about.


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