Monday, 17 September 2012

Those were the days

This is not a car, it's a way of life, so says one of the stickers on the back. I had two of them during the 1980s, the first was yellow and the second red.  They were fun, but then my sons grew too large to fit in the back so I had to get something more sensible.

Citroen decided to stop making them in 1990, sadly.  Since then, in France, all you could see were increasingly elderly looking examples.  Until recently that is.  Recently I've noticed increasingly well cared-for and shiny examples.  They are becoming collectors' items or so it seems.  I wish (almost) I'd kept mine.  I did enjoy the waves and smiles from other 2CV owners (mostly young men and mostly with beards).

From the BBC, if you have 15 minutes or so to spare:


  1. Wonderful! Brings back a few memories and a big smile. The antidote to ostentation, and the opposite of a muscle-car. Simple, functioinal, comfortable, adaptable, and fun to drive.

    A police officer once accused my ex-girlfrien of speeding up a hill. She got out of her tin snail, drew herself up to a full, imposing, five-foot two, and handed him the key. "You go down to the bottom of the hill and see if you can get it up to fifty miles per hour!"

    He failed, and his partner laughed at him. 38 mph on the clock, as it buzzed and rattled its way to the summit. No ticket. Go steady, bye.

    1. What's the matter with five-feet two? Nothing. Everyone else is oversize.

      It wasn't entirely comfortable in the middle of the back seat, I have to say, because there you find an iron bar lurking under the upholstery.


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