Saturday, 2 February 2013

A view

I've so often shown the view from my own window, out over the sea to France, that I'm becoming bored with it.  So I thought I'd show the view from the place where my parents used to live.  It's a view over the sea again, but across the cliff top.

This is the view my parents used to be able to see from their window when they lived here.  Today the sky was blue and daubed with white clouds.  The sea was daubed with shadows.  If you follow the road on down, or if you're more adventurous you can follow a steep pathway and steps, either way you eventually reach the beach at the foot of the cliffs. 

We went to visit today at low tide.  The bay is nice enough at high tide but much more interesting at low tide when the rocks are exposed.  If you look carefully you can see there has been quite a landslip of chalk onto the beach from the cliffs although most of the cliffs have green daubs of vegetation on them, holding them together.

The rocks themselves looked as though they had been daubed with brown and green paint where the seaweed grew.  I was disappointed to find the pools were fairly empty of interesting sea life.  I wasn't allowed go further out to explore by my son who clearly had memories of his last visit here and his escapades with his brother and cousins.  I heard some hair raising tales today.

A two-in-one post for the Photo Hunts. 

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  1. Beautiful photos and excellent examples of "daub!"

  2. These pictures are so lovely! You always have these beautiful sets of photos to share.

    I can only look at them though. I am not the adventurous type, even big boulders overwhelm me and to be near them could make me uncomfortable. i am such a baby! LOL

  3. I see your parents had a beautiful view...I bet most of us do...Thanks for stopping in and the coffee is on

  4. That first photo is beautiful and I really like your overall blog entry. A picture can say a thousand words but good choices of words can mean so much more. :)

  5. Wished I had a view like that, looks like the English coast.

  6. Great pics! How nice to be by the sea.

  7. Beautiful view from your parents' house. But dangers do lurk in such a lovely place.

  8. I would like the opportunity to be bored by an ocean view!! Beautiful beautiful pictures!! Perhaps in another post we could hear some of the hair-raising adventures!

  9. You take better pictures by accident than I can take with preparations. You have a gift. How tired you must be of me saying that.


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