Sunday 25 August 2013

Breaking the silence

Yes, I did manage to leave the splendours of Canada, and I did take large numbers of photos but I have been silent because life has become ... let's say "full" ... ever since I returned.

A day or two after I returned, work started on my bathroom.  Why I thought I would have recovered from jetlag within a day or two I really don't know.  I never believed anybody's stories of only being able to snatch 30 minutes or so of sleep on an 8 hour flight.  I do now.  Oh, and my son plus family arrived for a visit.

Before the bathroom work was finished, scaffolders were swarming around the outside of the house, preparing for the outside maintenance needed every few years here by the seaside.  I appear to be the only resident of these flats who has the required talents (sight, hearing, and an almost functioning brain) to direct proceedings so I struggle on pretending I understand what is happening.

At some point while the woodwork was being repaired, my sister arrived from Canada to stay until such time as she finds a house of her own.  Her family comes to visit from time to time and I'm running out of beds and sheets.  My second son is threatening me with a visit over the next few weeks and the first may return for a rematch.

All is not bad though. I have had a couple of days out - Dover Castle, London - and a good few walks.  There's nothing like the countryside to bring balm to the soul.

It has been a wonderful year for butterflies

Chalkhill blue
And, I think, a good harvest.  We haven't had much at all of the rain that others have had though I thought there was a downpour last night.  This field doesn't seem to have suffered.  I can't believe that there is a planning application in to build on this land.  It's an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) but is that enough?

Then down the cliff (going down is easy enough) to find people enjoying the end of summer sunshine, dodging the waves.

And swimming to France?

So, I'm sorry I haven't kept in touch with anyone.  It has been all I can do to keep treading water, not waving but not drowning either.
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  1. How lovely, the builders are in!
    Scaffolding out the front, and something to stop you wearying.
    When the cold weather arrives they will all disappear however.

    Glad you are well.

    1. And they're still there on the scaffolding in spite of the rain...

  2. Keep waving.
    Drowning is over-rated.
    Keep going.
    Breathe in.
    Breathe out.
    Easy to be overwhelmed.

    It gets better.

    1. Trying not to hyperventilate. :) But you're right, it's getting better.


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