Thursday 20 February 2014

Sea defences at Deal

Yesterday I went for a walk...

...following the footpath that runs alongside the golf course.  In fact it really looks lovely these days even if the golfers probably don't appreciate the new water hazards.  They don't appreciate walkers either.

We really have been very lucky in this area not to have had more trouble over this winter.  We did have a huge tidal surge in December but the defences in Deal coped relatively well.  They didn't in Sandwich and the lovely Salutation Gardens have had to close after the floods.

 They started our new sea wall way back in 2012.  They did complete it but the beach washed away.  There was too much sand in the shingle.  I told you so.  So they came back in September 2013 to do better.  The job was supposed to be finished before Christmas 2013so seeing the big machines working yesterday made me wonder if they just hadn't finished or if the beach was once more washed away.

This was the first time I saw the dredger actually pumping the sand/shingle mixture towards the beach.

Then it's sieved by the shuddery-juddery sieving machines much to the delight of the nearby residents.

Everyone was so pleased to see better weather for half-term, they were perfectly happy to ignore the machines to play and paddle on the beach.

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  1. Hi A --

    Great to see you blogging again, and your photos are wonderful! :)


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