Saturday, 17 February 2007

I am from

I am from everywhere and nowhere, full of wanderlust.

I am from warm sunshine on my back, dry grass and bush fires. I am from white mosquito nets billowing in the evening breeze. I am from the scent of dry earth as the first rains fall, from the green blades of new grass a few days later. I am from ripe mangoes and guavas dropping from the trees.

I am from gentle mists and green hills, lilting voices and music, peat fires. I am from a land of poets and artists.

I am from winding lanes and tall, unkempt hedges, thatched cottages and orchards, from watching hens hatching their chicks. I am from baking cakes for small boys playing in the trees.

I am from a cathedral city. I am from hustle and bustle and traffic and noise, and peaceful ancient buildings.

I am from a wide, gentle river and rural landscapes and the chatter of a language not wholly familiar.

I am from a father who always had time to talk, to encourage my enthusiasms and share his.
I am from a mother who grows old denying her origins.
I am from desks in studies, journals and books, bookshelves and libraries. I am from learning and information and searching for knowledge.

I am from the Internet. I am from everywhere.

Where are you from?

This is an idea from Charlotte's Web and an immediate reply to her final question. I think it could change depending on the mood I'm in at the time.

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  1. This is lovely. As someone who hopes to keep on travelling, I think it's wonderful to be from many different places. I recognise Africa!


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