Saturday, 14 April 2007

PhotoHunter: Hobby

"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library."
-Jorge Luis Borges

Just one section of one bookshelf, and some of the books which reflect my interests. Pride of place is given to the tall olive green book near the centre, which is "Insects of Medical Importance". I don't have a particular interest in insects but my father had it when he was a student at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, and he gave it to me on the day I left home to become a student at Liverpool University.

"A room without books is like a body without a soul."
-GK Chesterton


  1. Teeheehee -- "snap", indeed, as you wrote on my blog. And yeah, I have a feeling that yours and my Photo Hunt entries won't be the only ones that feature books!

  2. Great quotes, I hope Borges quote is true and GK's most certainly is. Once someone said why do you have books in your living room? Well they are in every room in the house, even the dining room and the kitchen. Twelve bookcases in all.

  3. I cannot imagine a home without books, scads of books!

  4. oh I do like that one....great choice for the hobby....I enjoy a good book when I can find the time....

    Happy photo is up

  5. Love the shot. And I am with you on the loving books as a hobby thing. I didn't shoot that for mine, because when we moved we brought only a very few books with us so my shelves aren't quite as full and exciting as this...

  6. It's no wonder that insect book is one of your favourites, considering it belonged to your father:-) Reading certainly is a terrific hobby!! Have a wonderful day:-)

  7. Kindred spirit. My instructions to the architect of the dream home: When you think there are too many bookcases, add ten more.

  8. Great pic! I love reading too!

    Thanks for visiting and happy weekend!

  9. Wonderful post. I was thinking that perhaps the insects were used to cure disease (I heard a bit about that in a book I was reading this week) but decided it was their importance in causing disease!


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