Saturday, 14 April 2007

Update on the need for molecular condom research

If you wonder why it might be needed, read this article in, Malawi: Condoms Get a Bad Rap.

Selected quotes:

The least popular form of behaviour change reported by the study was the use of condoms.

despite surveys showing awareness of how HIV is contracted, condom use remains unpopular among Swazis

The conservative nation's top traditional leader, Jim Gama, and Nhlavana Maseko, who heads the Traditional Healers Organisation, have both condemned condoms as "unSwazi".

In Malawi, Kaler noted that "skin-to-skin ejaculation is the marker of a real man - one who uses condoms is being cheated out of his right to a high-grade sexual experience, or may even be the subject of gossip or ridicule"

The molecular condom would be a huge step forward in overcoming the problem, but it's just a pity that the lead time is so great. In the meantime, it must be down to education, education, education.

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