Thursday, 27 September 2007

A customised partner?

I find myself almost at a loss for words. Intel have a site in French where women can choose their computers, using little quizzes with questions such as:

To please me, it (he) has to be

  • charming
  • intelligent
  • powerful
  • organised
  • cultivated
  • artistic

My partner is like me:

  • Curious
  • Active
  • Generous
  • Trendy
  • Friendly
  • Multi-talented

With him (it) I feel:

  • stronger
  • irresistible and comfortable with myself
  • at one with the world
  • always up to the minute
  • perfectly confident
  • free, independent, adventurous

A superb basis for choosing your computer, don't you think. According to Des infos sur les femmes en France et dans le monde, Intel have said that women don't ask for the same things from their computer systems as men do.

Don't they? I certainly would prefer not to be asking for Intel.



  1. C'est incroyable et consternant.

  2. Not sure which makes me want to scream more, French women, the petits Napoleons they pander to, or the amount of sympathy my fella gets for having such a bolshie missus. The under thirties are improving, Simone de B must be spinning.


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