Thursday, 27 September 2007

Uxmal and the Yucatan peninsula

We've been to Mexico three times, the first about 12 years ago when I was fortunate to have a Mexican colleague who was over in the UK for a year. He kindly mapped out a suitable touring route for us for a circuit around Mexico City.

Our second trip in 1998 was when he had returned to where he lived in Yucatan, so we were able to visit him.

The Yucatan peninsula was once the home of the Mayan civilisation 3000 years ago which has left some wonderful architectural sites, one of which is Uxmal. I particularly like Uxmal because of the trees and shrubbery around it. Somehow it was easier to visualise it when populated than some of the more stark and severely cleared sites.

The photos are all from our pre-digital days so I'm afraid they lack clarity.


The most striking thing about the Uxmal site id the Magician's Pyramid. You can just see the people climbing up the steps in the view.


Another view.


The Nunnery Quadrangle.


The Governor's Palace.


An iguana we met on the way up to the Governor's Palace.


A detail from some of the wonderful carving to be seen all around the site.


The House of Doves (remains of) in the trees.

Another excursion we took was to the coast. The beaches of Cancun and similar places don't particularly appeal to us so we headed off to a wild life area for a boat trip.


As we set off I asked what that pink was over on the other side of the water (never having seen flamingos before).



We headed into the mangroves.


We did see a lot of wild life but the old camera didn't manage to capture very much!


This was a fresh water spring where it would, apparently, be lovely to swim. We didn't try.

We stayed, for the last few days, at the Hacienda Katanchel, possibly one of the best places I've ever visited.


There are plenty of haciendas in the area, many converted into hotels. This one hadn't long opened and we and another couple were the only guests. It was wonderful.


It had once been a sisal plantation.


The buildings have been converted into dining rooms, lounges and so on.


Even a little bus to take you around the grounds.


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  1. What lovely tours you did! Another view of Mexico than the ones of the beaches! Love the ancient bildings and the hacienda look awesome! Even the Iguana would be an experience to see :-)

    Oh, I've always wanted to see Mexico, but hesitated afraid of stomach problems.

    How about safety over there?

  2. We've never had any stomach problems, apart from when we had too many refried beans :)

    Nor have we had any hint of trouble and we've always travelled independently. I find Mexican people charming and friendly. An earnest young woman from an American embassy somewhere told us to remember we were in a third world country, but I was brought up in Africa and there's just no comparison.

  3. My son has always wanted to go to Mexico. I'm gonna link back to your post, so my son can see the pictures. :-)

  4. Thanks for the link Sword girl. I could wish the pictures were a bit better quality.

  5. Yucatan and Uxmal - what a splendid memory. And so good to read and see your visit. The photos are still very good.
    We were there in -96. Sound and Light show at Uxmal - fantastic and unforgetable. We had a very knowledge guide, that told us more than "popular" intepretation of the old Maya Culture. An intepretation given by the Spanish Priests.

  6. Wonderful pictures, I love the Magician's Temple. I would have love to be one of those tourists climbing it and see the wonderful scultures around it. I've been to Mexico myself but only along the coast though. Too bad.


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