Thursday, 6 September 2007

Flat chests

Early this morning I read a post by Dr Andrew Brown which had me chuckling over my cornflakes and all the way to work. In it he describes with great affection (and some detail) a pair of breasts which came to consult him. I don't believe he mentions what the consultation was about.

It reminds me of a dear friend who is totally self-conscious about it her Rubenesque physique, and can't really believe men like well-endowed women. She was at an art exhibition one day with her husband and remarked on how fashions have changed even as far as the shape of women's bodies is concerned, that the fashion industry had led to the aspiration for most women being almost unattainably thin. She turned to her husband and asked whether he preferred women voluptuous or thin. He answered "Oh I prefer an athletic build".

To this day he doesn't know why it wasn't the right answer.

Once upon a time I used to be, now that I think about it, quite incredibly thin. It's a wonder, in fact, that I ended up with the man I have because he undoubtedly would have preferred Dr Brown's "fawns". Two children and a good many years later, I have become a lot closer to that but, sadly really, I feel compelled to try to lose weight.


  1. I'm glad I added to the gaiety of your breakfast. :-)
    To be honest, I can't remember now what that consultation was about. Something must have distracted me...

  2. Um,I like wearing bras that lift. but not the ones that lift and push together ( tried a bra that did, and just loked ridiculous. Nonetheless, my boobs are the only bit of me that I like, so why can't I flaunt them (not very often, but from time to time!)

  3. Dr Brown, you certainly added to the gaiety of my breakfast, and to my whole day. People were looking at me very strangely :)

    Elaine, absolutely, I'm all for being comfortable with and enjoying what you have.


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