Friday, 7 September 2007

Running the gauntlet

I am totally preoccupied today with preparing for returning to France.

I rushed into town to for one or two last minute necessities. The fastest route for me is to walk straight down the High Street so off I set at a fast pace.

I was stopped no less than five times by clipboard wielding charity canvassers, a team of young people wearing jerkins identifying them with a very good cause. Unfortunately I find this type of fundraising particularly intrusive and it really puts me off. Any time I have stopped to speak have been subjected to a hard sell and I'm afraid it has exactly the opposite effect to the one intended.

Is this a British phenomenon, or does it occur elsewhere?

I returned home the back way. Actually, it's prettier.

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  1. I agree It PiXXes me off totally - and therefot I refuse to give - I give to several charities which are important to me - you cannot give to every one.


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