Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Naughty words

I've been setting up our new email server at work, transferring all the accounts over and ensuring that the virus checking and spam filters are functioning. Because it's a totally new system to me, I've been talked through the set up by the delightful young man who provides us with expertise when necessary.

We've had a certain amount of trouble with the spam filter which we had set up to check rather too ferociously. People were starting to complain about messages being lost and I was fed up with ploughing through the junk folder to extract the legitimate mail.

So we came to the bit where you enter certain words which should cause automatic rejection. After many years of this spam and even longer of life, I have a pretty fair idea of what they should be but my young friend clearly thought I was too innocent to know. But he couldn't bring himself to say any of them out loud.

I'm afraid I found his attempts to explain so amusing that I didn't help at all. By the sound of the guffaws in the background, his colleagues were enjoying it as well.

Of course, I'll have my come-uppance any time soon, when he goes back to see what I've entered. He won't say anything directly of course ....

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  1. Oh, how fun!!! I just love situations like that, to tease them.... *giggles*


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