Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Photo courtesy of Architect Magazine

From Modern Green Architecture in Accra

PozzoGhana is a new sustainable material being used in a new development in Ghana. It is a mixture of palm kernels, lime and local clays and will reduce the cost of imported cement forming the outer structure. It helps too, to insulate against sound.

There will be wide and deep balconies to provide natural ventilation but solar panelling if air-conditioning is needed. Bamboo will make up balcony railings, adobe plaster will be on the walls, and recycled oil drums will provide facing for the sides. Responsibly harvested native woods will provide wall panelling.

It is hoped that the first PozzoGhana factory will be built in 2008 and that the product will be sold throughout West Africa.


  1. REally interesting materials, but I wonder how it stands against weather and wind? I do hope it does :-)

    So, I'm all ready and waiting to come to Mexico tomorrow (thursday) with you!!!

    *jumping up and down of excitement*

  2. These is really very good news: an architecture that is beautiful, well designed, sustainable, useful, cheap... all together !!

  3. Lifecruiser I do hope they investigated how weather-proof it was before they started :)

    Pablo, yes, it's great when everything comes together like that, even local employment in producing the cement.

  4. freeman, good news,


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