Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Autumn foliage

My intention was to go out yesterday and take some pictures of the autumn colours - again. I'm convinced they are better this year than usual. I know they are nothing compared with some parts of the world, but they are pleasing this autumn. So I was disappointed when I saw the mist in the morning.

Still, it burned off fairly rapidly and a lovely sunny morning followed.

I was afraid that the previous day's rain would have taken all the leaves off the trees.

Certainly, a lot had come down. byt there were plently left to admire on the trees.

All these were taken near my mother's house.


  1. Like you I am convinced that this year's autumn colours are better than for some time past. Your photos help to prove it.


  2. I agree the colours are fantastic this year.. last year it was just a mouldy yellow due to the hot dry summer we had had...

  3. Thanks LR and Ladybanana. I've never really heard a proper explanation of why the colours should be better in some years. One I heard was that night temperatures need to be very low and daytime ones moderate, but clearly that isn't the case this year because we've had mild nights.


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